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As far as painting is concerned, we offer an accurate whitewashing service in the details and we use high quality paints from washable to breathable paint, from decorative to thermal paints. Our painting works are carried out by the owners themselves and by our collaborators specialized in the sector always updated on the new materials we operate in Italy and abroad.


Super-washable wall paint with very high coverage and opacity.

Anti-condensation paint used in very humid environments such as kitchen and bathroom or in the coldest areas of the house.

Thermal or Thermo insulating paint is a paint made up of different ceramic and resin microspheres which give it the ability to insulate and reflect infrared rays. Thermal paint acts on the conductivity of materials and considerably improves the insulating power of the house by reducing the exchange of heat between inside and outside.

Paint Anti-mold is created to prevent fungi and bacteria from forming and above all proliferating on the wall and is effective over time both in the short and long term. The anti-mold paints are in addition to the normal interior wall paints, they can be used in any room of the house and can be covered with colored paints if you want to give a touch of design to the environment. They can be of two types: water-based and opaque for interiors or washable: with a shiny effect, they can be washed, usually used in the kitchen because they can be cleaned.


CEBOS COLOR offers an infinite range of effects and colors that will make your environment unique and elegant: CEBOSTYLE, CEBOSI DECORO, CEBOSTONE, CEBOGRANIT and many others.

VALPAINT has for years been the leading company in the production of decorative paints for interiors and exteriors. It offers effects such as ROCOCò, GIUNGLE, METEORE and many others.

GIORGIO GRAESAN offers in your environment a wide range of stuccos and effects composed of lime and marble powders, silk, mother of pearl etc ... VENETIAN STUCCO, ANTIQUE STUCCO, SPATULATED, STONE EFFECT and many others.

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