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Rif Int. s.n.c.

Our company has been operating in the whitewashing and painting sector of apartments, offices, shops, accommodation facilities (hotels, b & b, rest homes .....) for over 30 years. In all these years we have acquired professionalism, competence and experience, all characteristics that we make available to our customers to satisfy their every need. Contact us for a free and no-obligation quote or simply for more information on our work. We carry out painting work decorating plasterboard suspended ceilings


Applicazione stucco antico Applicazione stucco antico

Works of plasterboard false ceilings with squares embellished with plaster frames and customized rosettes.



Stucco stile antico Stucco stile antico

Wooden showcase restoration.


Plasterboard Wall Counterwall

Parete cartongesso Parete cartongesso

Plasterboard Wall / Counterwall


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ufficio rifint


We specialize in plasterboard, we manufacture special walls, false ceilings, covering old pipes etc. practical alternatives that solve multiple problems. Both functional and decorative niches can be obtained in all environments from the kitchen to the bathroom shelves. What about the splendid walk-in closets dream of many, to be prepared both in the bedroom and in any other corner of the house. The plasterboard false ceilings then give us the opportunity to create exclusive places with LED spotlights that give the environment a special touch. We are able to completely renovate any of your spaces, domestic or commercial, with the creation of structures designed by you, such as bookcases, equipped walls, etc.


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