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Plasterboard is a light and versatile building material for construction and is suitable for many applications. The flexibility of the panels allows you to perform: partition walls, false walls, false ceilings, niches, bookcases and everything you want to build making your environment unique. Plasterboard sheets are ideal to satisfy in terms of fire protection, acoustic insulation and thermal efficiency. They are also suitable for use in high humidity areas.


AquaBoard is an outdoor slab composed of a high-density water-resistant core and waterproof coating, resistant to atmospheric agents and with reduced water absorption for the construction of walls, counter walls and false ceilings outdoors in high humidity indoor environments (swimming pools, spas, spas ...) is resistant to decomposition, delamination and deterioration due to direct exposure to the elements.


The mineral fiber false ceiling consists of a visible or hidden metal support frame, tied to the ceiling, on which mineral fiber panels are positioned. The mineral fiber panels are decorated and painted on the exposed surface with vinyl paint. The mineral fiber panels are made of rock wool, perlite, cellulose and binders. Mineral fiber panels are usually cut in the standard size of 600 x 600 mm.
The advantages of the mineral fiber ceiling
The mineral fiber false ceiling is suitable for different processes (milling, painting) and the mineral fiber panels are ideal for creating false ceilings in "difficult" environments (with humidity, crowded and / or noisy) as the mineral fiber solves possible problems of moisture resistance, impact resistance and guarantees a good level of sound absorption. The mineral fiber false ceiling also shows good resistance and reaction to fire characteristics. The mineral fiber false ceiling allows, like the plasterboard false ceiling, also the insertion of lighting fixtures, smoke detectors and splinkers. The mineral fiber false ceiling is excellent for the need for masking systems and pipes, ensuring easy access to the latter. Overall, the structure of the mineral fiber false ceiling determines a decrease in the height of the room in which it is located: in this way the mineral fiber false ceiling contributes to the decrease in the volume to be heated, thus favoring a net saving in terms of air conditioning and production heat.


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